Gmail keeps getting better. New alert tells me Firefox is slowing down my session.

ok, I mistitled my url on purpose.. But I thought either way it's clever that based on my browser, they knew to toss up an alert tailored to me and my preferred web browser suggesting tips on how to speed up my gmail session. See screenshot:

 firefox gmail slow alert screenshot

Upon closer inspection, they actually sniffed out my use of Firebug plugin always running.  They recommend disabling Firebug for gmail. I suppose it would be a good practice, in general, to just enable firebug for specific sites I'm working with-- what a novel idea..

Web PrintSmart 2.0 - printing entire or only snippets in one print spool / queue / job

I was stuck with the dilemma of printing out an entire website for complete overview review, but I didn't want to waste a Lot of paper (only a little). A coworker found a helpful blogpost to get me part of the way, and a comment within gave me the real answer: Web PrintSmart 2.0: HP IE plugin to print an entire or select snippets of an entire website (or web browsing session) in a single print job. In effect, it allows you to queue up small screen shot clips and then print only the ones you choose all from one convenient interface!

Philadelphia Orchestra broadcastst live via Internet 2 to select remote sites

In an interesting use of Internet 2, Philadelphia Orchestra broadcastst live via Internet 2 to select remote sites.  Fortunately for me, I was invited to watch/listen at KAMU's studio at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas this afternoon. The studio did a fine job setting up the experimental show, but being the brother of an audiophile and maker of high quality recording equipment, I have to admit a hair of snooty disappointment in that there wasn't surround sound and a completely closed chamber immersion-style venue... But hey, it was a first run, and it was pretty darn cool for what did happen! 

Out of Differences: a collage

I was browsing my flickr photostream and came across an old favorite image I had uploaded long ago:

It's a collage I call Out of Differences showing the elements of fish and bird representing their inability to coexist, overturned to demonstrate a strong "this ain't right" effect and a solitary individual leaving a crowd through that difference into an unknown. Hmm.. an expansion on this collage could be to simply extend the whitespace of the path before this departing individual...


No rhtml, rxml, rjs or delegate template found for fleet/app/views

Fyi, rthml not rhtml is.  Because I burned a day troubleshooting and researching, among other things, my version numbers, mod_proxy_html, and relative_path plugin in rails to see why I am getting the message:

No rhtml, rxml, rjs or delegate template found for fleet/app/views 

, I thought it would be appropriate to share the solution.  My render method (render_to_string, actually) is using a :partial call "fleet_import_format" which does properly translate to /app/views/fleet/_fleet_import_format.rhtml, however, my fingers called the file by the wrong extension: _fleet_import_format.rthml.  I accidentally swapped the t and the h, and it made all the world of a difference.  :(

Microsoft Office 2007 has turned me into an End User

Microsoft Office 2007 has turned me, a knowledgable and agile geek, into an end user. I used to be able to at least fumble around until I found some features, but now I'm utterly lost and am very dissatisfied with Office 2007.

There are a couple phrases you should be familiar with to understand and get along better with your geeky friends.

Mystery: Case of the Expired State Inspection Stickers

This was a fun adventure.. A couple weekends ago, a police officer issued a warning for my expired State Inspection sticker. I dutifully took the car in for inspection, and they replaced my sticker.

Just recently, I was watching my photos go by via my FlickR screensaver and saw a picture go by that revealed an inspiection sticker that expires several months in the future from now!

The photo was taken back in January.

BVSO Children's Concert

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to play with the Brazos Valley Symphony on Monday March 26, 2007 for the annual children's concert. Due to my busy schedule, it has been a while since I've played with the orchestra, but I just couldn't turn down an opportunity like this. To my surprise, Wow what a production these concerts have become! There are even dancers on stage in full costume to act out Peter and the Wolf-- and what a good job they're doing!

Yay local kids-- hope you enjoyed the show!

Color shemes/templates used in various professional industries

I stumbled across a great article describing web site color schemes used in a couple industries (real estate and health care).

Each article lists down the page a link to a major website within the given category and two color blocks representing the palette/layout of each unique page in the site referenced:


Mozart's (and other artists') original manuscripts archived and viewable online

This morning on Public Radio's Performance Today, I heard about Mozart going back and forth with [another composer] with colorful sketches, markings, and quips within his original manuscripts like a couple 4th graders would.  I was inspired and intrigued to find out more and see for myself.

Turns out you can peruse a digital archive of Mozart's and LOADS of other artists' original manuscripts and artwork on-line!  By default, you are led to a crafty Shockwave viewer that lets you zoom, pan, and flip pages, but there is also an accessible version that might be easier to digest (and faster to dive into!).