Bronius on LinkedIn: My life as a Product Manager and part of my network of professionals.

Website Recovery Kit: Owner/manager. If your website is sending browser warnings? Broken pages? Hacked or innundated with Spam? For your immediate, quick-strike website recovery needs and more, check us out.

PocketPM: Owner/manager. PocketPM (read: “Product Manager in my pocket”) is a consortium of product owners and product managers offering contract consultancy Product management services à la carte. We are also a hub for new product people just entering the job market.

BCSWebstudio: Owner/manager. Since 2000, BCSWebstudio has provided technological consulting and development services ranging from websites to building software for kiosks and part-time, and now, contract Product Management.

It has taken 25 years as a non-career-chasing software developer and 5 months of unrequited searching for applicable, sustainable, senior engineer positions to free myself to explore an active, defined career path. When I began exploring the title Product Manager, I immediately felt so confident, comfortable, and genuinely excited to be able to full apply all my talents and skills in the workplace. Looking back over my professional journey, I see that I’ve always enjoyed a common thread of highly engaging cross-functional teams, customer support, requirements gathering and story writing, ideating, roadmap and backlog refinement, selling vision, DX/UX/UI satisfication engineering, and LOTs of communication.